Interested in being a live model on stage? We look for attendees who are willing to transform their current style with a new splash of color, total haircut transformation, or simply offer to be an up-do model if you aren’t ready for a change.   Keep in mind we do not accept TRIMS or ROOT TOUCH-UPS! No one wants to see a trim or a basic color application.  There are specific looks in which we wish to showcase, nothing avant garde unless you wish to do so. You will not leave with a crazy hairstyle unless you are open to that type of change – which is always exciting!

To be considered as a live model at a show you are registered to attend, please email us for more details and a consultation. We thank you in advance for the number of attendees willing and excited to have the opportunity for a makeover!

Email us at with the subject line: Model for the (date) show.