• Progressive Color - 7 CE Hours | Online Version | 2019

    1 Lessons in $32.00

    Progressive color explores the importance in which the theory of color formulation is founded upon, including the crucial thinking needed for a successful color service outcome.   Be inspired by the modern day tools used to achieve color techniques and placements, while falling in love with the craze in balayage and ombre trends. This course is a fun read and easy to follow …

  • The Profound Classroom - 10 CE HOURS for Licensed Instructors | Online Version | 2018

    1 Lessons in $57.00

    The Profound Classroom is a 10 CE Hour course for Licensed Instructors only. To be a Profound Classroom means to provide intense insight with great knowledge in the subject you are teaching. Without having a profound outlook in your classroom the state, quality, and emotions can and will be compromised.  This course will take a …

  • Color 101 - 3 CE Hours | Online Version | 2018

    1 Lessons in $22.00

    Color 101

    Color 101 – Gaining the knowledge and understanding of color, identifying existing hair color and changing the existing hair color, will translate to a financial and professional reward for you and your clients.