Welcome to K. Samuel Educations in Hair LLC! We are a family owned & operated Cosmetology Continuing Education company of over 30 years. With a dedicated team in presenting quality, cutting edge, passion filled knowledge, with a lot of laughs to accompany each class, ultimately giving you the education you deserve. With an elite team of staff and educators, you are sure to be pleased with the education we are providing. We strive to establish good work ethic and to promote how vital it is to stay current in our ever changing industry.

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Do it with passion or not at all

Illinois Cosmetology Law requires 14 hours of continuing education every 2 years for Cosmetologists. ALL COSMETOLOGISTS are REQUIRED to provide proof of Continuing Education. No one is exempt, or grandfathered into this new law.

By law you are required to take 7 hours of live hair show classes and if you wish, you are able to earn the remaining 7 hours of continuing education by completing home study courses.

Meet Becca & Katie who make it all happen… 


Becca Gonzales

Becca is the mastermind behind ALL the business matters. Registration guru, certificate processor, records keeper, the voice behind the returned phone messages, the hands behind the emails, so on and so forth, & a true partner in crime. K.Samuel is fueled by Becca’s dedication, commitment, and her love for her crazy sister who roped her into this company as her right hand gal many years ago.


Katie Jager

Katie is the dreamer and schemer behind K.Samuel Educations In Hair.  The hairstylist who just can’t  get enough of her industry and well,  just can’t live without sharing the knowledge she collects on a daily basis for all of you. She refers to herself as a “Hair Nerd” due to her addiction to seeking out all and any education she can soak up. With the passion to jump over any hurdle that comes her way, she is determined to bring the very best of herself, her staff, and bring out the best in everyone she meets.



What do you look for in Education?

Relate-able? Quality? Creative trends? Clear Instruction? Humor? No fuss? Friendly atmosphere? Down to earth? We are all of the above and more!

Meet our friendly staff, our highly skilled Educators, & become inspired by the industry you fell in love with.  The drive behind K.Samuel Educations In Hair is influenced by the passion for keeping Cosmetologists hungry for learning the latest trends, instilling great confidence, and to stay at the top of their game.  By centering the classes around our attendees, we bring an authentic and unique approach to continuing education. We believe in integrity, creativity, relativity, and a vow to have you leaving with at least one new idea to take home with you. Our staff treats everyone like family, and have valued our customers that have been with Educations In Hair for over 25 years. What is life without humor? Well be prepared because we like to bring the laughter! A fun learning environment isn’t always expected when completing your dreaded CE hours, so give us a try! We can’t wait to welcome you.

What do we teach?

Color, Cutting, Razor Cutting, & Up-do’s are to be expected at each and every show. We offer a variety on all of these topics keeping the day rockin’ and rollin’. Teaching on live models is the way to go,  we typically pull from our attendees to showcase the true talent of our educators. Interested in being a model? Please click on the  “BE A MODEL” tab to learn more information!  We have introduced 2 new Master Barber’s to our staff! Click on our “MEET OUR EDUCATORS” to view their Bio’s.


Outakes. Enjoy.